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You can order CD and book from many mail orders (z.B. Impact, Nix Gut, Plastic Bomb, Flight 13, Amazon), delivering to other countries, too. On the other hand, you can order directly from KEIN HASS DA! That's the best for us, so much more of the money remains in our hands! And only directly from the Band you'll get a special version of the book - with a FREE 7" vinyl single (with German versions of Big Take Over, Don't Need It and Don't Bother Me). Also 200 books have been signed by band members and artists! Don't wait too long ... they will be sold out in a short time!

You can order the book via Ebay. oder proceeding the following steps:

1. Add to the regular price of 24,80 Euro (HIRNTRAFO Book + included HINRTRAFO CD and single) shipping costs. That's 6 Euro for all European countries. The rest of the world must add 12 Euro!

2. Pay the amount via Paypal to band@keinhassda.de.

3. Write an e-Mail to band@keinhassda.de, with all ordering information and your full postal address.

That's all. We'll then send out the book within a couple of days!

You don't care for all this collector's bullshit? And you also don't want to store alle these books and records in your home? You don't want to spend so much money, too? Ok - then you can download the complete CD or single songs for a cheap price in Karl's download shop. As well as the book - in TWO LANGUAGES! As PDF versions in German AND English! Not to forget the lyrics. which were translated to English, too. In addition to that, you'll get a 41pg sketchbook with many works to HIRNTRAFO: character studies, thumbnails, pencils, photos!