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"Men can be free only without hate." (Nelson Mandela)
KEIN HASS DA ... founded in 2007, from Hamburg. We love playing live, but unfortunately don't do this very often. We have 29 BAD BRAINS-songs in our set, plus some material of our own. 29 in total are our CD HIRNTRAFO Altogether there are 78 minutes. Of course, we're looking for venues to play... and the right booker! More about us here! By the way... we'd love to see your comments in our g*est bo*k! (Have to write it this way ... porno spam robots are always watching!)
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11/17/2010 ... Now you can download the HIRNTRAFO book for just 5 Euro - in German and English! Incl. 41pg sketchbook. You can also download the CD there.

11/06/2010 ... A new band info with all the lyrics (translated to English!) was completed. You can download the pdf here!

11/05/2010 ... Today CD & book came to record stores, Amazon and other mail orders. sind seit heute in Plattenläden, diversen Mail Ordern. You can also order directly at Karl Nagel's online store. Nevertheless, there is a problem actually: Because there's a failure in the test vinyls, the 7" vinyl will come 14 days later ... But we promised to add this vinyl to all books ordered direcly, so the sendout of the book now has to wait 14 days, too! Sorry ... But don't be too sad - as long as this problem occurs, all direct orders will get the record as mp3 and the book as pdf in advance!

11/04/2010 ... BAD BRAINS bass player Darryl Jenifer works on Dub versions of all the reggae songs on Hirntrafo! This was made possible by our label guy Nicolai, who has been publishing reggae records for a long time. There's some other reggae experts doing their own mixes: Z.B. Felix "Pe" Wolter of THE VISION, Aldubb and Oli Dread of DUBFRONT.

08/11/2010 ... The book just came from the printer. Looks great! But it isn't on sale yet ...

08/05/2010 ... the CD master copy ist made now, too. The CD can be launched! With 29 songs and lean 78 minutes. So German versions of "Big Takeover" and "Re-Ignition" didn't fit on the CD. "Big Takeover" will be on a 7" vinyl single, together with two more songs which will be available with some of the books.

08/02/2010 ... the final OK of the BAD BRAINS to the German versions of their songs is here!

07/19/2010 ... The mix is finished. 31 songs altogether. All of them will never fit on a CD ...

07/02/2010 ... The BAD BRAINS okayed the comic story & artwork, which will be part of the HIRNTRAFO book. They play an important part in the story ...

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We like to play at your location, if you have a proper PA and everything seems to be cool. No need to expect any unreasonable ideas and demands from our side.

However, we are no professional musicians and earn our living with our jobs, so mostly we can play at weekends only.

In 2010, we didn't play very often because we were too busy with the HIRNTRAFO production.

But, now, with the upcoming CD and book, we want to make a fresh start. We enjoy every opportunity to play!

Upcomig Shows:

Shows so far:

09/06/2008   Hamburg/Lobusch
02/03/2009   Hildesheim/Thav
05/03/2009   Bad Hersfeld/JuZe
06/27/2009   Berlin/Tommyhaus
07/03/2009   Düsseldorf/AK47
07/17/2009   Hamburg/Knust
11/03/2009   Hamburg/Hafenklang
11/21/2009   Flensburg/Hafermarkt
12/12/2009   Fulda/Kulturzentrum Kreuz
03/06/2010   Karlsruhe/Schlachthof
12/18/2010   Hamburg/Molotow
01/20/2011   Berlin/Cortina Bob
02/12/2011   Hannover/Cafe Glocksee
06/02/2011   Hamburg/Knust
10/14/2011   Hamburg/Bar 227
10/21/2011   Siegen-Weidenau/Vortex
10/21/2011   Köln/Sonic Ballroom
10/22/2011   Koblenz/Jam Club
10/22/2011   Koblenz/Jam Club
11/14/2011   Wedel/Villa Wedel
03/17/2012   Velbert/Flux
05/26/2012   Hamburg/Elb-Tsunami
05/27/2012   Berlin/Cortina Bob
09/08/2012   Hamburg/Tool Bikes
09/21/2012   Dortmund/FZW
09/22/2012   Düsseldorf/The Tube
04/20/2013   Garding/Dat Kontor
05/03/2013   Kiel/Schaubude, Klownhaus Festival
05/18/2013   Hünxe/Ruhrpott Rodeo
06/07/2013   Hildesheim/Kulturfabrik Löseke
06/14/2013   Rostock/Alte Zuckerfabrik
07/26/2013   Hamburg-Harburg/KeineKneteTrotzdemFete
08/02/2013   Peine/UJZ Peine
08/03/2013   Hannover/Musiktheater Bad
08/10/2013   Bremen/Meisenfrei
09/13/2013   Kassel/Haus
09/14/2013   Berlin/KvU
10/12/2013   Magdeburg/Knast
10/26/2013   Hamburg/Hafenklang
11/02/2013   Osnabrück/Bastard Club
11/30/2013   Bielefeld/Forum
12/07/2013   Warendorf/HoT
01/04/2014   Magdeburg/
02/07/2014   Heiligenhaus/PABB
02/08/2014   Mülheim an der Ruhr/AZ
03/14/2014   Köln/Fort IV
03/15/2014   Siegburg/SJZ Siegburg
03/19/2014   Berlin/Lovelite
03/20/2014   Chemnitz/Subway To Peter
03/21/2014   Dresden/Chemiefabrik
03/22/2014   Leipzig/Vmax
03/23/2014   Hamburg/Hafenklang
03/26/2014   Düsseldorf/The Tube
03/27/2014   Wiesbaden/Sabot
03/28/2014   Weinheim/Cafe Central
03/29/2014   Nürnberg/Zentralcafé
05/02/2014   Hildesheim/Kulturfabrik Löseke
06/21/2014   Bremen/Meisenfrei
08/02/2014   Peine/UJZ Peine
08/29/2014   Schneverdingen/Rock den Biergarten
09/06/2014   Düsseldorf/AK47
10/02/2014   Aachen/Musikbunker Aachen
10/03/2014   Düsseldorf/AK47
10/04/2014   Essen/Panic Room
12/13/2014   Krefeld/Kulturrampe
01/17/2015   Hamburg/Knust
06/06/2015   Hamburg/Molotow
12/04/2015   Hamburg/Knust
03/12/2016   Hamburg/Menschenzoo
04/15/2016   Aschaffenburg/Stern
04/16/2016   Stuttgart/Club Zentral
04/17/2016   Walzbachtal/Scheune Walzbachtal
04/19/2016   Dresden/Chemiefabrik
04/20/2016   Berlin Friedrichshain/Abstand
08/05/2016   Hamburg/Rondenbarg
11/11/2016   Bad Bevensen/Vakuum
11/12/2016   Bremen/Karo
12/09/2016   Dannenberg-Neutramm/Raum2
12/10/2016   Neunkirchen-Wiebelskirchen/Haus am See
12/17/2016   Berlin/Supamolli
03/25/2017   Münster/Café Sputnik
06/03/2017   Hamburg/Gott sei Punk
10/21/2017   Regensburg/Alte Mälzerei
03/21/2019   Ulm/Cat Café
06/21/2019   Hamburg/Schanzenzelt
Thanks to the BAD BRAINS for creating this enormously rich treasure of musical and spiritual ideas.
It is a real joy to play your songs!