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In spring 2010, we recorded 31 songs at the TONHOTEL studio, completing and mixing everything during summer. A complete track list you will find here. Too much for a CD, so we put "Die Welt erobern (Big Takeover)" and two other Songs on a 7" vinyl single . "Gene mischen (Re-Ignition)" will come later... wait and see!

HIRNTRAFO will be published Novermber 5th, 2010, under the COLLISION/ECHO BEACH-Label distributed by GROOVE ATTACK Both not very usual for a punk record - Collision/Echo Beach are better know for their reggae tunes. But on the other hand, that's a cool thing: The BAD BRAINS have never been a pure punk or hardcore band but have many reggae songs in their set - and many tunes inbetween!

The first CD run will come as digipack incl. a small poster with two illustrated lyrics; the CD in the book will not have all this. But this doesm't matter, because all the digipack's graphic stuff will be in the book, too - and bigger!

We want to thank everyone making HIRNTRAFO possible, especially Gerd Mauff of TONHOTEL (every day started with your smile), Vincent Burmeister and Nicolai Beverungen.

CD illustrations: Vincent Burmeister · CD design: Karl Nagel · Bandlogo by Till Felix and Karl Nagel, after the BAD-BRAINS-Logo of the 1981er ROIR tape (by Donnell Gibson & Jay Jones). Flash logo after the illustration of the ROIR-Tape (by MIR)




The HIRNTRAFO book was produced by the studio of the ALLIGATOR FARM/Karl Nagel..

72 pages, Hardcover, 217 x 304mm
Book without CD: € 19,80
Book with CD: € 24,80


Everything about the REAL story behind the HIRNTRAFO CD!

Olli, Ud-I, Rotter and Karl play in a band called THE NICE GUYS, a ALICE-COOPER-tribute band- in a parallel world, where not Neal Armstrong was the first man on the moon, but a guy named PERRY RHODAN. And so in this unified world of the year 2007, Alice Cooper is dead since 1973, and Punk Rock never happened! On the other hand, there is alien paranoia everywehre.

When the very unsuccessful NICE GUYS are kidnapped by a super-mighty being, a trip though time begins - and into a strange dimension! A mysterious machine called HIRNTRAFO transports the NICE GUYS into the years 1979, 1982, 1989 und 1995 of a world foreign to them. There they meet the punk band BAD BRAINS - and get the electrifying idea to sell this ground breaking sound at home as their own creation, ...

A comic story by Karl Nagel and Vincent Burmeister.
Plus 32 song lyrics in illustrated form - by Annabelle, Annik Lazar, Carsten Dörr, Felix Gerbrod, Nique Oelkers, Philine Briel, Philip Cassirer, Rolf Nölte, Simone Kesterton, Stefan Barton, Stephan Richter, Rudi Martens, Till Felix,Vincent Burmeister and Wadim Halter.